Xtreme Fitness Gyms enters the retail park in Bielsko-Biała!


Xtreme Fitness Gyms is another tenant from the service sector in the emerging retail park in Bielsko-Biała. The gym and fitness club will occupy over 800 sq m. The planned opening date of the retail park in Bielsko-Biała is the fourth quarter of this year.

This premises will provide space for strength, free and semi-free machines, as well as for exercising individual body parts. State-of-the-art equipment, a wide range of fitness classes and instructors' care create perfect conditions for the rapidly growing number of people who care about their shape and figure. Achieving your fitness goals will be made easier by access to free advice, a database of exercise videos, and training with sports stars available on the VOD platform.

“When choosing places for our clubs, our priority is the comfort of our club members. Therefore, we are increasingly choosing to locate in retail parks. They offer spacious parking lots and are located in attractive, well-connected places. Additionally, they meet everyday needs, such as shopping, which can be conveniently done when arriving for training," Małgorzata Żegarska, director of network development, Xtreme Fitness Gyms, lists the advantages of cooperation. “It is also an added value for retail parks. Club members go for training on hours and days that are less crowded by customers in retail parks. By signing long-term lease agreements, usually for 10 years, we are a stable and reliable business partner. Our offer is popular with real estate managers who strive to diversify their activities and respond to current market trends and consumer needs," adds Małgorzata Żegarska.

Redkom Development announced the opening of a retail park in Bielsko-Biała in the fourth quarter of 2024. The facility is being built as a result of the reconstruction of Tesco, in a place that was already active on the retail map. The location of Warszawska Street near the S1 route, Castorama, Merkury Market and other places of trade and services will guarantee the new investment an advantage right from the start.

“A new facility in Bielsko-Biała with a trading area of 17,000 sq m. and space for 30 tenants, position us first in terms of size among retail parks in the city. We are aware that we are entering a market that is already commercially developed, but we do it with knowledge and awareness of our market advantage. The concept of a retail park with access to shops and services straight from the parking lot, Poles' favorite brands, the presence of the above-mentioned services and, above all, modernity are unquestionable advantages. Shopping in a retail park saves time and is convenient. The sales concept guaranteeing immediate access to the selected store proved successful during the pandemic and remained in customers' habits. Customers also expect functionalities not associated with retail places and we are trying to develop such an offer, hence the presence of Xtreme Fitness Gyms in Bielsko-Biała and beyond. We have been cooperating for a long time and this is another joint project," says Elżbieta Kutrasińska, Senior Leasing Manager, Redkom Development.

The agent cooperating with the commercialization of the retail park in Bielsko-Biała is Mallson Polska.




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